How to Find the Best CB Radio

Finding the ‘best’ is always a tricky business. The same applies to CB radios too.

Even the experts in the industry fail at times to get the best products. The reason is always simple. You don’t have that much money to buy all these products to test each of them and come to a verdict. This is when reviews from authentic websites come into play.

We have simple formulae to find the best CB radio for you.

cb radioLet’s see!

Features to Look for in Your CB Radio

This is the essential part. If you miss this step, you fail.

You have to frame up your purpose first. This is very very important. If you’re just an amateur who is stepping up into the world of two-way radio communications, you don’t need a feature rich CB radio. A CB like Galaxy DX2547 will be more than enough. A step further, you can go for Cobra 29.

This is the purpose part. Now let us see the features.


Modulation is very very important when it comes to CB radios. The modulation defines the strength/power of your CB radio and which in turns decide the range to an extent. Most of the non-SSB CB radios are 4 watts powered, whereas SSB CB radios are 12 Watt powered and will give you long-range communication.

If you’re looking for a CB for long-range communications, you should go for SSB CB radios.

Colorful Display

Since most of the CB radio users are truck drivers, it is good to have a colorful display. It will give you better data and better reading. This in turn helps you in assessing the readings/information displayed.

tx835_fPA System

Without public addressing, your CB is of no use. I should admit this. Public addressing is one of the key aspects you should have in your CB Radio.

ANL and Squelch Control

It is very common that your CB and communication getting affected by noise. These two techniques help you to an extent by removing these unwanted signals.

Nowadays, ANL and Squelch control is very common in most of the high-end CB radios.

Emergency and Weather Channels

What’s the purpose of having a CB radio which doesn’t have these two?

You need to get information related to weather updates if you’re a trucker. Similarly, emergency channels play a vital role when you’re in an emergency situation.

You should have these two features for the best experience with CB radios.

These are some of the key features to have in your CB radio. You can either find a good CB radio that has the above-listed parameters or you can read some of the best CB radio reviews from authentic websites.


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